The State Library of South Australia thanks the Bradman family and the Bradman Foundation for its support.

The Bradman Collection is proudly supported by the State Government of South Australia. The State Library of South Australia Foundation Inc. was instrumental in raising $1.6 million dollars from the state government, the business community and individuals to support the development of a permanent exhibition for the Bradman Collection. Leading the Bradman Public Appeal Committee was Michael Brock, Chair, Barry Gibbs, Deputy Chair and Sue Lear, State Library Foundation Sponsorship Manager.

The State Library of South Australia thanks the sponsors of the Bradman Collection, whether financially or in kind.

The original five themes of the Bradman Exhibition and their sponsors are:

Sponsorship in kind is also acknowledged:

Bradman Collection Sponsors

The State Library of South Australia gratefully acknowledges the following major sponsors of the Bradman Collection.

Government of SA
Commonwealth Bank
Origin Energy
SA Tourism Commission
Radio 5AA
The Advertiser
Channel Nine



The State Library of South Australia gratefully acknowledges the following individuals, companies and organisations who have generously donated $1,000 or more to the Bradman Collection.

  • ANSETT Australia
  • Australia Post
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Davids(SA) Ltf
  • Davis L.H. (Hon)
  • Fitzpatrick B.
  • Giles A.H. & B.
  • Hill Smith R.W.
  • Hills Industries
  • Jemison J.A.
  • Leverington B & K
  • Ling R.D.H.
  • MacMahon Holdings Ltd
  • Pleydell J & R
  • Ramsay D. AO
  • TransAdelaide


ABC South Australia
The Advertiser
Aird BR
Aitken J
Amos HM
Anderson D
Argo Investments
Armitage S
Australia Post
Australian Credit Union
Awcock CL & FH
Bailey RW & ME
Baker KR
Barrett AO OBE
Batchelor Mr & Mrs J
Beal RW & SM
Beard D Dr
Bird J & C
Boral Energy
Bounty Investments
Braendler VK
Brebner Judge DM
Brian Gatfield
Brook Engineering
Brown VL
Bryce G
Bundy A
Byrne PD Dr
Channel 9
Chesterman IA
Cole BG
Coles DR
Commonwealth Bank
Cordes D
Cornish R
Cox A
Cummins Engine Company
Daenke J
Davids (SA) Ltd
Davidson DL
Davis Legh H (Hon)
Day Cutten
Day G
Dear R
Diamond M
Dixon A
Dow JJ
Dunsford C
Eastick G & S
Elliott AE
Evans DM O'H
Fitzpatrick B
FiveAA Adelaide 1395AM
Fricker BA
Fricker GA
Giles A & B
Golding PM
Goscombe D
Gould AW & DJ

Government of South Australia
Groppi F
Gunner Mr & Mrs PR
Haratsis B
Hardie Irrigation
Hargrave CL
Hargrave GS
Hayman DL
Hector Mr & BI
Hewitt RM
Hill Smith RW
Hills A
Hills B
Hills BF
Hills Industries
Ho E & J
Hudson Howells Asia Pacific
Huxley AS
Jaksa D
Jaksa P
Jemison JA
Johns GJ & LE
Johnson L
King M
Kingham B
Kirk EA
Koerber S
Kohler B & F
Lahne SM
Laidlaw DV (Hon)
Lenart EJ
Leverington B & K
Lewis RJ & GT
Ling RDH
Lloyd JL
Longbottom GJ & RM
Loukes G
Loxton Engineering
Macdonald SS
Macklin BR
Macmahon Holdings Ltd
Marshall HG
McCarthy C (UK)
McLachlan HG
McLachlan I
McLachlan I (Hon)
McCoy WT
McQueen EMR
Michell & Sons GH
Minervini M & YV
Motteram D
Mules J
Murray Hope C
Niehuus RD & AS
Nielsen JV & JA
Noble GG

Oborn BW
Olsen JW (Hon)
Orr J
Parkinson DH
Peters C
Phelps RA
Phillips G
Picton D
Piper RW
Pleydell J & R
Potter RT & CS
Price B
Price KB
Ramsay Diana AO
Rawlings D
Reid CC
Reid R
Rice AD & KE
Rischibieth JA
Robinson R
Ross DG
Samuel Smith & Sons
Schutz SA
Seedsman KR & McA
Sellers A & R
Simsion Bowles & Assoc.
Smith MK
South Australian Tourism Commission
Srinivasan R Dr
Stanley RG
Steele HJ
Story S
Swann JB
Treloar HJ
Tourlis T
Truran G
Tummel J
Turner RS
Tyler IM
University of SA Library
Vater Corporation (Aust) Pty Ltd
Venning IH
Wakefield Investments
Walder R
Walton R & H
Wearing AJ
Werkheiser Helmet
Wiles EG
Wilson CG
WMC Resources Ltd
Worth PW (Hon)
Yalumba Winery