Search the Bradman scrapbooks by keyword, subject, or author

The contents of each digitised page have been indexed as part of the Library's catalogue, which includes over 60,000 photographic images relating to South Australia, as well as references to articles in a range of South Australian books, pamphlets, periodicals and newspapers.

Keyword search

Each catalogue record has a summary describing the item, and this summary can be searched by keyword. The advantage of a keyword search is that it searches all words in the title and the summary.

When you search this Database you may retrieve images or references to articles that are not in the Bradman Scrapbooks. You can limit your search to material in the Scrapbooks only. To do this, first do your search. You can then choose the option Limit this search then choose Words in the source name and type in Don Bradman. There are also options for limiting your search by date, material type, or images only.

As part of the indexing of the scrapbooks pages, each item digitised has been given one or more subject headings, as well as a author headings where the authors are known. Subject and author headings are clickable links. Many of the newspaper clippings do not show the source of the information, since these details were not recorded when the clippings were collected.

Subject search

Each item digitised has at least one subject heading. The most common subject heading used is Bradman, Donald, and because there are so many items under this heading we have used a number of subdivisions, such as the following examples:

Bradman Donald Sir 1908 - 2001 -- Career
Bradman Donald Sir 1908 - 2001 -- Caricatures and cartoons
Bradman Donald Sir 1908 - 2001 -- Correspondence
Bradman Donald Sir 1908 - 2001 -- Golf
Bradman Donald Sir 1908 - 2001 -- Health
Bradman Donald Sir 1908 - 2001 -- Wicketkeeping

There are also subject headings for other players referred to or other topics, such as the following examples:

Balmoral Castle
Cricket for women
Cricket grounds
McCabe, Stan
Test matches

Author search

You can also search by author, where these are indicated, such as the following examples:

Bradman, Donald
Cardus, Neville
Mailey, Arthur
Moyes AG (used for Johnnie Moyes)
Robinson, Ray