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TitleTallon star in freak cricket finish : Scores evened off last ball.
SourceDon Bradman scrapbooks, vol. 52, 1948/49, p. 83.
SummaryTwo newspaper articles, source unknown, on the final day of the match, D.G.Bradman's XI v. A.L.Hassett's XI, (D.G.Bradman's Testimonial), played in Melbourne on 3, 4, 6 and 7 December 1948. One of the articles describes Tallon's innings, in which he made 91 runs in the last hour of the match, resulting in a tied game. The other article, by Harry Kneebone, describes the last day of the match, and also gives figures on the total amount Bradman received from the Testimonial match, and from other sources.
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