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AuthorDe Lacy, H.A.
TitleAnother record to the Don : 60,000 roar admiration.
SourceDon Bradman scrapbooks, vol. 52, 1948/49, p. 37.
SummaryA newspaper article, source unknown, on the match, D.G.Bradman's XI v. A.L.Hassett's XI, (D.G.Bradman's Testimonial), played in Melbourne on 3, 4, 6 and 7 1948. There is also a small piece on the offer by John Wren of one pound to be paid to Bradman for every run made, with a minimum of 200 pounds.
CopyrightReproduced with kind permission of The Herald & Weekly Times. A copy may be made for the purpose of research or study, but any further publication requires the permission of the copyright owner and the Library.