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AuthorWhitington, R.S.
TitleBradman bungle is no novelty.
SourceDon Bradman scrapbooks, vol 46, 1948, p. 89.
SummaryA newspaper article on the "smallmindedness" of some of the Australian cricket administration bodies, including the New South Wales Cricket Association, and the Australian Board of Control for International Cricket. The writer is critical of the former's attitude to the testimonial match planned for Bradman. He also gives other examples of the "parochial" attitude of other cricket officials. The article is headed 'The Sun Sporting Gallery', probably indicating that it appeared in the 'Sun' newspaper.
CopyrightReproduced with kind permission of John Fairfax Publications. A copy may be made for the purpose of research or study, but further publication requires the permission of the copyright owner and the Library.