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AuthorBradman, Donald, Sir, 1908-2001.
TitleThat year of crisis for the Test Matches
SourceDon Bradman scrapbooks, vol. 29, 1938, p. 38-43.
SummaryA newspaper article from the "News of the World" newspaper's serialisation of Bradman's life story, published in 1938. In this article, Bradman writes about the 'Bodyline' Test Matches between England and Australia in 1932-1933. Caricatures of Nawab of Pataudi, Bert Oldfield and Bill Voce by MAC, ie Herbert Wood MacKinney, are included in the article.
CopyrightSupport of the Bradman family is acknowledged for this item. A copy may be made for the purpose of research or study, but further publication requires the permission of the Library.