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TitleThree newspaper articles, a poem and a cartoon about Bradman's batting in the 1930 Australian Tour of England.
SourceDon Bradman scrapbooks, vol. 9, 1930, p. 109.
SummaryThree brief newspaper articles, a short poem and a cartoon, all source unknown. The first article, headed 'Bradman's century', is a list of one hundred words describing Bradman, starting with 'Marvellous' and ending with 'The little beaut'. The second article, headed 'Priest posts scores in church', is about a Canberra priest posting the Bradman's cricket scores in his church. And the third is on the announcement of Bradman's scores during a sitting of the Victorian Legislative Assembly. The poem, by Rod McLean, is titled 'Omar, Don-Ambulist, and the cartoon is of a robot bowling to Bradman.
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