Bradman's runs and records

If Bradman had scored just four runs in his last Test innings at The Oval in 1948, he would have finished with a Test average of 100 runs an innings - a level of performance unchallenged by any other batsman at the time, before or since.

Bradman was bowled second ball by England's Eric Hollies for a duck. Perfectionists and cricket enthusiasts alike will mourn that dismissal forever.

The man himself had a different view.

Don Bradman played in 52 Test matches for Australia from 1928 to 1948. World War II interrupted his career at its peak.

Compare that with the likes of the modern day masters such as Border, Lara and Tendulkar.

Yet the cricket career of Sir Donald Bradman cannot be measured in mere facts and figures. The Don gave enjoyment not to thousand of people, but to millions.

And he didn't mind enjoying himself, either.

In 1931 he scored 100 runs in three overs! NSW cricketer Wendell Bill was batting at the other end.

So there it is : 99.94. It is six-hundredths of a sharp single short of 100, or one step down the wicket to the slow bowlers.

Some cricket purists are glad Bradman didn't hit that solitary boundary and leave the game with a permanent century against his name.

His failure to do so proves to them that even the greatest in the game isn't as great as the game itself.