Comparisons with modern cricketers


Allan Border
The former Australian captain Allan Border was Test cricket's highest run-scorer. He played exactly three times as many Tests as Bradman, for 11,174 runs at an average of 50.56. Based on his final total of 6996, if the Don had played 156 Tests he would have scored 20,988 runs - almost 10,000 more than Border.

Sachin Tendulkar
India's Sachin Tendulkar is the batsman Sir Donald Bradman has most likened to himself in technique and temperament. Tendulkar has played 80 Tests at an average of 55.39.

Brian Lara
West Indies' Brian Lara is the world record-holder for Test and first-class innings, with 400 not out and 501 and Test cricket's highest run scorer. These records were once held by Bradman, with 334 and 452 not out. After 123 matches, Lara's average is 52.88.